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National Tour Exhibition of LOOK3D Stereo Glasses-Guangzhou Station

Release time:2020-06-23 21:49:51

Exhibition Name: Guangzhou-China Entertainment Industry Import and Export Fair

Venue address: Pazhou Complex, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Exhibition time: March 3-5, 2011


       On March 5, the LOOK3D stereo glasses brand represented by Guangzhou Evis Technology Co., Ltd. was exhibited in China for the first time this year.

      LOOK3D is the first stereoscopic glasses brand certified by realD, and has signed a long-term marketing strategic partnership with film production companies such as American reald, imax, Disney, Warner, DreamWorks, and Sony. LOOK3D stereo glasses are made of low-carbon and environmentally friendly non-toxic raw plastic materials, and have independently developed corn-based stereo glasses with the concept of low-carbon life. At present, the company has developed more than 130 LOOK3D series 3D glasses, the first in the exhibition Days have attracted the attention of many friends. The company equipped LG3D TVs to show the stereoscopic effect of the glasses to the audience at the exhibition. Its clarity, vividness and stereoscopic effect have won praise from the audience.




Audience wearing "Shrek 4" themed glasses to experience stereoscopic film

Share the shock of stereo vision with foreign friends

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